Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

Triple layer forming fabric in 20 shaft construction with fine yarns. The top side is 1x1 plain weave with excellent formation and increased retention while the machine side is 5 shaft weave with high wear potential. The weft ratio is available in 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1, all with oustanding drainage.

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2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

2.5 layer forming fabric in 16 shed design with extra supporting yarn on paper side. The weave design offers a uniform distribution of fiber and provides outstanding drainage capacity as a result of high top surface open area.

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Double Layer Forming Fabrics

Double layer forming fabric with 8 shed extra supporting weft weave on paper side and 16 shed weave on machine side which provides high wear potential. The fabric features excellent fiber support, sheet formation and high drainage.

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Single Layer Forming Fabrics

Single layer forming fabrics woven in four shed are multipurpose and provide good stretch, drainage, sheet, support and abrasion resistance properties. They are mainly used to produce printing & writing papers, packaging papers.

Single layer forming fabrics with five shed weave structure provide better stretch and drainage properties than 4-shaft forming fabrics. The retention can be improved by increasing weft yarns.

Single layer forming fabric in coarse meshes with 8 shed weave design, which featrues  excellent air permeability, drainage and structural stability.

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