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A fabric design having the same mesh, count, and weave design can still have very different properties because the fabric is highly depentend on material type. Polyester monofilament is the most widely used type of material in forming fabric design because it offers characteristics that meld with the performance function requirements. Polyester is a stable product resistant to chemicals used in the paper making process. While polyester is the most prevalent material, many other polymers are being utilized and explored. Characteristics can be incorporated into the monofilament to enhance strength, stability, stretch resistance, shower and wear resistance, anti-contamination, softness, shrinkage and color. The following table shows properties and specifications of fabric materials.

Material guide

Stability Excellent Insufficient Good
Strength 35-70 N/mm2 28-46 N/mm2 28-51 N/mm2
Elongation Low(16-40%) High(20-70%) Low(20-25%)
Temperature Limit 140oC 90-130oC 100 - 120°C
Water Absorption Low 0.2% High 2.9% Low 0.03%
Wear Resistance Low Excellent Low
Alkali Resistance Low High High
Acid Resistance High Low High

The following table shows typical paper grades and matching forming fabric designs for each grade of papers.

Selection Guide

Paper GradeSingle layerDouble layer and Extra support 2 layerTriple layer
Newsprint     HY-6020,6420
Fine paper   2B5635/4016A,2B5625/3516B HY-6020,6420,5724
Kraft & Board CXW27358 2B5635/4016A,2B5625/3516B,2B3645/5016A HY-6020,5724,4424
Tissue     HY-6020,6420
Special paper     HY-6020,6420,4424

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