Total Process Control

Forming Fabric Manufacturing Process

An ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.

Our quality is controlled and ensured from manufacturing to the using end, that is, through the whole life of a forming fabric.

Our forming and dryer fabrics are made with advanced and sophisticated machinery and tools which includes 6 looms from Texo, automatic seaming machines from WIS, heat setting and finishing machines.

And we choose the world-class monofilaments with excellent phisical and chemical characteristics to ensure the performance in paper machines.

While on the usage side in paper mills, the following items should be addressed,



As forming fabrics are pliable and sensitive to the guides, leveling and alignment of all drainage equipment and rolls should be checked. Special care must be taken in centering the fabric on the machine.

All rolls must have good surface conditions and rotate smoothly. Care must be taken to ensure uniformity of the shell holes in the suction rolls.

The materials of fixed equipment including forming boards, foils, and suction boxes and others, have a great effect on fabric life. Poor condition of fixed equipment can definitely have a negative affect on fabric life.


And because it is important that the power be transmitted reliably to the fabrics to avoid slippage and reduce the amount of creep, proper fabric tension must be maintained and rubber covers should be placed on the drive rolls. Using the return roll with helper efficiently is a good method.

Generally, forming fabrics must be allowed for about 1%(max) stretch. it is very important to determine fabric length. It should be determined by actual measurement. Fabrics change, normally shrink during storage while awaiting installation. Amount of shrinkage is highly influenced by warehouse conditions. Fabrics should be kept in a place without exposure to heat and humidity.

Lifetime prediction & Control

Forming fabrics need a proper countermeasure for contamination. Mechanical and chemical methods are available, and among them, the most effective and economical is a high-pressure shower.

The life of the fabric is determined by abrasion. If a low-quality filler is used, abrasion progresses rapidly. It is no exaggeration that the life of the forming fabric depends on the quality and amount of the filler that is used. Consequently, it is safer to test the filler quality beforehand.

The nature of forming fabric is such that abrasion generally proceeds 50~100mm from the edges. Since this part tends to become dry, and abrasion progresses due to leakage of fillers, etc., the installation of mist showers to moisten this part, prior to passing the various suction boxes, can be an effective countermeasure.

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