HY-64 20

Triple layer forming fabric in 20 shed construction with better yarns and higher density. The top side is 1*1 plain weave while the machine side is 5 shed weave with high wear potential. The fabric is remarkable for its excellent fiber retention with optimized drainage and lower caliper for high speed paper machines.

HY-64 20


  • For paper and board grades that require excellent printability.
  • Lower caliper for high speed paper machines.
  • Minor fiber and water carry in return-run
  • Easy to clean
  • No fabric marking.


  • Cigarette tissue, cigarette filter tissue, copy tissue, LC, LWC.
  • Newsprint, writing paper, carbonless paper, copper print.
  • Tissue napkin, toilet tissue.


Weave designYarn density/cmCaliper (mm)Air permeabilityFSIDI
3 Layer 20 shed 64 80-90 0.72-0.78 315-410CFM 190-206.5 36-41.7

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