HY-2B 56 35/40 16A

Double layer forming fabric with 8 shed extra supporting weft weave on paper side and 16 shed weave on machine side which provides high wear potential. The fabric features excellent fiber support, sheet formation and high drainage.

HY-2B 56 35/40 16A


  • High fiber support and drainage.
  • Double MD yarn lock on machine side which withstands high MD loads and resists CD ridging.
  • Increased weft yarn diameter on machine side and long CD crimp provides good life potential.


  • Writing paper, carbonless paper, copper print.
  • Top, liner or bottom side for kraft and board.


Weave designYarn density/cmCaliper (mm)Air permeabilityFSIDI
2.5 Layer 16 shed 60-61 52-58 0.93-0.98 460-350CFM 121-132 33-28

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